A Painting by Lois Goebel

 In Loving Memory of Lois Goebel

Lois was the founder of Paradise Painters as a part of the Seniors of Paradise's program for it's members in 1982.

Originally from Oakland, California, she married a Sea Captain and they moved to Hawaii where her husband Herman Goebel became Harbor Master of Hilo Harbor.

She was always a great inspiration to our Art Group. She arranged Art Shows for our group and got individual shows for some our members

Lois was very advanced in her thinking and a firm believer in Women's Rights. She belonged to the League of Women Voters and many Organizations to advocate the emancipation of women. You might say that she was a "Bra Burner" before women started burning their bras. She was a "people person" and also had a great sense of humor. When her health became a problem for her she stepped down as leader of the group. Lois passed away in October, 1991

We miss her very much and there is seldom an art group meeting when we don't think of her and reminisce over our happy times together.

"Though gone from our eyes, you'll never leave our heart" This show is dedicated to her loving memory.

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